Akatsuki Series™ VG 10 Steel 12-Piece Handmade Damascus Chef Set for Culinary Mastery

Set: 12pc Set
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Mundane kitchen tasks become a chore with dull, uninspiring knives that compromise precision and control – Embrace a new dawn in your culinary journey with the Akatsuki Artisan Chef Knife Set.

The Akatsuki Experience
Hiroshi Sato's unique techniques bring out the inherent beauty and strength of the steel, creating blades that are not just tools but also objects of art.

Sato's experience and dedication elevate these knives to a level of excellence.


The soul of our knives lies in the quality and uniqueness of the materials. The Akatsuki series boasts the renowned Japanese D2 Damascus Steel, while the handles are meticulously crafted from Brown Pakka Wood, offering elegance with its natural brown hues along with ergonomic comfort.

Craftsman Chronicles

Hiroshi Sato, a venerable bladesmith with roots deeply embedded in Seki City, Japan, has channeled his passion into the Akatsuki series. This collection, named after the Japanese word for "Dawn," reflects Sato's reverence for the craft, evoking the spirit of a new beginning.

From the forging of raw steel to the meticulous Yaki-ire technique, the Akatsuki knives unfold a narrative of superior craftsmanship.


From the 13.5" Mukimono Knife's intricate design to the 12.8" Nakiri Knife's perfect balance, each blade in this set boasts unique features that set it apart. The personalized touches, like the hand-forged patterns on the Damascus steel, add a touch of individuality to every piece.

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A glimpse into the ANVLR experience

At ANVLR we follow a process curated over centuries to attain gold standards in knife making, But like all great stories, our journey begins with a humble quest for the finest materials, carefully chosen to set the stage for a tale of unrivaled craftsmanship. As the story unfolds, skilled artisans seamlessly assume the roles of contemporary blacksmiths, wielding hammers with a rhythmic dance that transcends time. The result is not just a blade; it's a living, breathing entity with a soul and character. The climax of the tale is unveiled with precision sharpening, where each blade metamorphoses into a paragon of razor-sharp perfection.

Top Reviews

Epic Craftsmanship!
Wednesday, Jan 10, 2024
Hiroshi Sato's Akatsuki Series™ is a masterpiece! The attention to detail in each blade is unparalleled. I feel like a culinary ninja with these knives in hand. Exceptional craftsmanship that elevates my cooking experience.
Precision Redefined
Wednesday, Oct 18, 2023
As a professional chef, I demand precision in my tools. The Akatsuki Series™ not only met but exceeded my expectations. Hiroshi Sato's dedication to perfection is evident in every knife. They're now an indispensable part of my kitchen.
Functional Art
Saturday, Dec 30, 2023
Hiroshi Sato is a true artist, and the Akatsuki Series™ is a testament to that. The balance, the edge retention, and the overall design showcase his mastery. These knives are not just kitchen tools; they're functional art that enhances both form and function.
Unmatched Quality
Wednesday, Oct 25, 2023
I've owned many knife sets, but the Akatsuki Series™ stands out for its quality. The blades are incredibly sharp, and the handles are comfortable to hold. Hiroshi Sato's commitment to excellence shines through. A worthy investment for any cooking enthusiast.
A Culinary Game-Changer
Wednesday, Jan 26, 2019
The Akatsuki Series™ has transformed my cooking game. The blades glide effortlessly through ingredients, making every cut a joy. Hiroshi Sato's expertise is evident, and I can confidently say these knives have elevated my culinary skills. Highly recommended!

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